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Optimus Prime vs Megatron Review

Optimus Prime vs Megatron
Transformers - Classics (Hasbro) - Battle Packs

Founder of the Decepticon uprising on Cybertron, Megatron is an immensely powerful warrior with a seemingly insatiable thirst for conquest and glory, things he see's as the birthright of all Transformers, and if the Autobots and that pathetic Optimus Prime try to get in his way, he will show them why he is called The Great Slag Maker!

Transformers Classics Battle Pack Megatron is based loosly on the first Generation 2 Megatron made which was giant purple and tank (great camo there Megatron! After all, Earth has so many purple and green jungles!) but focuses more on green than purple, thank Primus for that.

Megatron's main turret becomes his right hand and doubles as a dual bladed weapon that spins around and around with the push of a button, while his left hand is simple that, a hand capable of holding a blaster he comes with.

Megatron's transformation is rather simple, but certain joints on my Megatron are a little stiff and makes transformation rather hard, but this may not be the case on all of the Megatron toys. The tank treads are pulled down and unfold into legs and the feet are flipped out from the legs. A very interesting note on the feet. Notice how both feet are oddly assembled with the two section very large while the heel section is rather small? Yeah, it was missasembled in the factory! This seems rather common among most if not all of the Megatron toys. This is not helped by the box art depicting the toy with such a foot configuration. This can be easily fixed by disassembling the legs and making the proper adjustments to the feet. Megatrons turret, as mentioned above, becomes his left arm by moving it out from the main body and unfolding it and ditto for the right arm. The head is pushed into place and presto! Lime Flavored Megatron is ready to slag all Autobots!

Megatron's little foot problem makes standing him difficult, combined with the top heavy nature of the transformer, this makes him fall down a LOT! I had to deduct a full star for this totally disgraceful flaw.

Over all, Transformers Classics Battle Pack Megatron gets four stars out of five. Not a bad action figure, just an unfortunate one.

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