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Superman (Anti-Amazo) Review

Superman (Anti-Amazo)
Justice League Unlimited (Mattel) - Blue Cards
Superman, The Man of Steel, the worlds greatest Superhero is the man who has everything. What do you get for the man who has everything? On his birthday, his closest friends, Batman and Wonder Woman present him gifts. Wonder Woman has brought him a new, hybrid flower named Krypton after his home world and Batman...well Batman got him a card and cash. They enter the Fortress and find Superman bound by a mysterious organism sent to him from across the stars as a "gift". The giver...Mongul!

Adapted from the famed story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbson, this toy set pays tribute to the episode and story with a Superman action figure and Black Mercy accessory which can be attached to Superman by opening its tentacles and then closing them around the Man of Steel.

Superman is mostly accurate to his show model with the necessary consecions made for the movement from 2D to 3D. The S shield is engraved into the toy and is perfectly painted, something that should be a must when dealing with such an iconic symbol. The S Shield is also a darker red than his trunks and cape. The cape is made of semi-ridged plastic can goes down from his shoulder to below his calves. Superman's head looks to be reused from the Superman: TAS toy line from the 90's and early millennium. I would have liked to seen a new head sculpted, but it is not too big of a problem.

Superman has ten points of articulation. Both knees and his elbows are hinged, while his shoulders, hips, waist, and head are swivel joints. This doesn't permit a whole lot of poses, but it is not too bad for the line and is a large improvement over the Superman: TAS toy line.

The Black Mercy is very show accurate, but lacks the purple detailing from the episode. It is essentially a mass of withering tentacles and thorns aching to something from the Cathulu mythos, save downsized to a significant degree.

Over all, Superman and the Black Mercy get four and a half stars out of five. I say it is a good buy and a nice addition to your collection, if not good fodder for simple customs.

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