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Aztec / Superman / Sinestro Review

Aztec / Superman / Sinestro
Justice League Unlimited (Mattel) - 3-Packs
Trained from a young age, Uno has peak human physical and mental capabilities and wears a special suit of armor powered by Fourth-Dimensional Mirrors that grant him super strength, flight, X-Ray vision, flight, invisibility, super speed, super hearing, and the ability to manipulate four-dimensional energies. With these powers, Aztec fights along side the Justice League Unlimited, knowing all too well his ultimate purpose in life...

Aztec made a few cameo appearances in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, hinting at a possible World War III storyline, but was merely there to act as another of Earth's many hero's and never took center stage in any episode.

Aztec is honored with a toy in the JLU toyline and is accurate to his show model with the necessary consesion made for the move from a 2D medium to the 3D world. Aztec only has five points of articulation with swivel jointed hips, shoulders and head.

The Ultimate Man's armor is very detailed with bumps rising from his right shoulder pad while a circle is popped up out of his left, and a star burst like design for his mask. At the center of his chest armor is a large red ruby, I think it is supposed to be his Fourth Dimensional Mirror power source, but I'm not completely sure. Gold arm bracers cover both forearms and his hands are black gloves. His belt is also gold with black trunks. Aztec's boots are, yep you guessed it, gold. The rest of his form his a pure white body suit. All the gold armor on his upper body has a slightly metallic finish for a nice hint of sparkle.

Over all, Aztec gets four and a half stars out of five.

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