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Superman (Laser) Review

Superman (Laser)
Superman - Man of Steel (Kenner)
There was a sound louder than thunder and the world the world stopped. Superman lay broken and dead across from the corpse of the alien monster Doomsday, having made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world.

But, Superman would not stay dead. After the arrival of four different heroes, each laying claim to the Superman legacy, and two laying claim to being the resurrected Superman. Through the mechanations of the Last Son, one of the Supermen, Superman was brought back from the dead, but extremely weakened and defenseless against the might the Cyborg Superman, infact Hank Henshaw who was intent on destroying Superman's name using a cloned body and cybernetic upgrades.

Superman dawned a special suit that would absorb solar radiation faster and simulate a portion of his superhuman abilities and armed himself with powerful Kryptonian laser weapons to combat the Cyborg Superman along side the three remaining Supermen.

This toy, released by Kenner, was the first action figure representing this costume and is a very good likeness to the character design from the time. Superman's S-Shield is a shiny silver with black out lines to give it shape. A metal band, also silver, is wrapped around his upper left thigh, each section individually sculpted. Bracers on his forearms are also silver and have a clear crease going down the middle from one end to the other, showing where they are supposed to open at. Of course, they are none removable.

Superman comes with a very large laser cannon and two clear orange missiles. Both missiles can be put in the cannon, but only one can be fired at a time. A small switch at the back, made of the same clear orange plastic is pulled back to shoot the missiles. The missiles are spring loaded, so they get fairly good distance. A small handle on the rear of the gun allows it to be fitted into Superman's right hand and the swiveled to the left to be balanced by his left hand.

The head sculpt is wonderful and very accurate to the art of Tom Grummett. The hair is long and curly and the eyes nicely painted, but not spectacularly done. Given the time period that this was made, I'm willing to let that go. The action figure has five points of articulation.

Over all, The Laser Superman gets four and a half stars out of five. The incredibly clean paint job and sculpt make this a great buy!

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