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Rhino Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Once, Aleskei Sytsevich was only a simple Russian immigrant struggling to pull together enough money to pay for the rest of his family to move to America. With barely an education to speak off, the only thing Aleskei was good at was being hired muscle for the Mafia. One day, he was approached by agents of a Russian Government agency that offered him a large sum of money to under go experimentation and work for them as an assassin. Aleski agreed and was transformed into the Russian Super Soldier with incredible strength and speed. Dubbed the Rhino, he became a super-powered criminal for hire.

Time and time again he battled Spider-Man and time and time again, he lost. By the time he was able to gain enough money for his family to move to American, they had learned of his criminal lifestyle and disowned him. Aleskei is now alone in the world with only two marketable skills, his superhuman powers and a burning hatred for Spider-Man.

Rhino was released as part of the third series of action figures based on the Spider-Man Animated Series. He stands at five and a quarter inches tall. His armored hide is a blue-gray color while is horns are brownish and the "rhino eyes" on the side of his helmet are black.

The gimmick for Rhino is a simple one. Push down on a lever on his back and his head thrusts upward, forward if he is bent over.

Rhino has little articulation, but basic for the mid-90's with swivel jointed shoulders and hips and a head that can turn from side to side.

Heavily muscled, Rhino would look most intimidating if not open to "horn" jokes.

All right, now I have to ask...WHAT THE FLYING HOLY **** IS WITH HIS HEAD! I'm mean my god! It looks like someone ate a wade of plastic, pooped it out, slapped it on a toy and called it a day! The rest of his body looks rather mushy, like a big lump of dough. Their is no excuse for this poor a show on Toy Biz's part, even for such an early line, this is a pathetic attempt at a toy.

Over all, Rhino gets two and a half stars out of five. Why? Because I am very generous!

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User Comments
SpidervenomX - Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Love this review ! lol too funny and sooo true .

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