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Batman Review

First Appearance (DC Direct) - Series 1
Bruce Wayne was a young boy in the early 1920's, son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, wealthy socialites of Gotham City. Returning home one night from a show, the family took a short cut through an ally. Then it happened. A man armed with gun appeared and demanded their money. Thomas Wayne, wanting no harm to come to his family, gladly surrender his wallet but when the mugger went for his wife, he fought back. There was a loud bang and a flash.

Thomas Wayne slumped to the ground, shot dead. Martha, her heart weak, died from shock at seeing her husband's corpse. The mugger fled in terror, leaving behind Bruce who knelt down beside his parents body. That day, he swore vengeance on the thugs and monsters that lurked in Gotham City, praying upon the innocent. Bruce would find a way to strike back at the monsters that shattered his world.

Many years later, Bruce had become a master martial artist and criminologist. Using his vast fortune, Bruce designed a number of gadgets and weapons to aid him on his quest to ride the city of crime. But to do it, he still needed something, a presence. It was then a bat flew in through a window and scared Bruce. That was it! Bruce would become a creature of the night. He would become, Batman!

First Appearance Batman stands six and a half inches tall with a massive, wire-framed cape with black exterior and blue interior. White lines, representing the bones found in the membrane of an actual batwing for support mimic the the tiny bones.

His costume is flat gray and black, the bat symbol much simpler and lacks the head that later became part of the design. The symbol looks like a simple pair of connected bat wings, but more rounded. Batman's utility belt is huge with a massive circular buckle in the center of it all. Instead of the long black gloves most of use are familiar with, First Appearance Batman wears a pair of short purple gloves. Conversely, Batman's boots are much longer, going up to his knees in his original incarnation.

Batman's mask is also different than what would later come with shorter ears that curve outward and upward away from the head like horns and the face is much sharper with angled slits for eyes.

Batman has eleven points of articulation. Batman's knees and elbows are basic hinge joints, while his hips, shoulders, biceps and head are swivel joints. His jointed biceps allow for much better range of movement that First Appearance Superman, something I applaud.

The cape feels like maybe felt or however you spell it and the wire frame allows for some cool positions to stick it in. All superhero capes should be like this!

The base is simple round piece of plastic with "First Appearance" written around the edges and a large number one in the center. With only one peg on it for him to stand on, First Appearance Batman's tight knee joints save him from constantly tipping over.

He also comes with a reproduction of his first story in Detective Comics issue number twenty-seven which features his origin story, first adventure, and the possible creation of the Joker when he lets a criminal fall into a vat of chemicals. Yeah, the early Batman was a gun totting psychopath that had no qualms with killing villains.

Over all, First Appearance Batman gets five bat-stars out of five bat-stars! Like regular stars, only with the word "bat" in front of it!

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