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Superman Review

Reactivated (DC Direct) - Series 2 - Kingdom Come
Elseworlds brings us tales of characters that are as familiar as yesterday, but seem as fresh as tomorrow. DC's Elseworlds imprint showing world's that can't, couldn't, or shouldn't exist.

This is a world of darkness, a world that has lost hope. It is a world without Superman. Years ago, Superman left the world, disgusted by their adulation of the violent killer Magog.

Super-beings of a new, more violent, generation without any concern for the lives of the innocent now take the place of the old guard who have either retired or fallen in battle. With the world teetering on the brink of destruction Superman is forced back into action if the world is to be saved, but will Superman succeed in saving the world, or destroying it?

DC Direct reactivates a classic Superman action figure based on the art work of Alex Ross in the award winning Elseworlds mini-series, Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come Superman stands at six and three quarters of an inch tall and has five points of articulation. Superman's wrists, shoulders, and head are simple swivle joints.

Superman's costume was slightly redesigned for this mini-series. Instead of the traditional S symbol, Superman has a single strip cutting downward at a hard left angle and a thicker top side of his sheild with a black background. His belt has also changed from yellow to black.

Having aged somewhat, Superman has gone gray at the temple with a few streaks of blue intermixed with it. Superman's trademark curl of hair is present here too, but actually lifts of the forehead. His face has a distinct solemn look that I love.

The sculpt is excellently done and very accurate to Alex Ross's art work which is a big bonus for these guys. Over all, DC Direct's Reactivated Kingdom Come Superman action figure gets four and a half stars out of five. The only problem with this guy is his painfully low articulation.

Now, go and buy the comic collection. I don't care that it is twenty bucks! BUY IT NOW!

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