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Yellow Jacket (Yellow) Review

Yellow Jacket (Yellow)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Blob Series
Hi all. To start off with, as regards to the Yellow Jacket, created by Hasbro, has created some turmoil in my mind. Although Yellow Jacket is part of the awesome group known as the Avengers, he sadly does not look as awesome as the rest of my collection of Avengers. I take Captain America for example and compare him with Yellow Jacket. The Hasbro Yellow Jacket lacks so much detail, not to mention articulation. In my opinion, it is quite sad that Hasbro has decided to sacrifice character detail, such as facial expression, muscle detail, etc, together with even less points of articulation, for the sake of mass production. When I compare Hawkeye, Cap, Vision, etc, with Yellow Jacket, the poor action figure screams "PAINT ME". The dull colors used on the action figure is also a sign of mass production. Less detail, more production. Sadly this is the reality with all of the latest Marvel Legends brought out by Hasbro. Do yourself a favor and take a look at your Blob BAF series, Annihilus BAF series, and then compare them to your Apocalypse BAF series, or your Galactus BAF series, or even your Giantman BAF series.

Please tell me if you think I'm wrong. Although I'm not an ardent fan of Hasbro's line of Marvel Legends, I still collect them. Why? Because MARVEL rules! Even if my little 6-inch Yellow Jacket reminds me of the Bee-movie, he is still one of my favorite characters in the Marvel line-up. Stuck with a poor sense of identity-crisis, Yellow Jacket is by far one of the smartest and most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe. (Even compared to the egg-heads, a certain Mr Richards & his "friend" Victor von Doom)

The Yellow Jacket action figure is definitely a "must have" for any collector and fan of the Marvel Legends range. I would love to see this character in his ultimates attire as well though. Maybe instead of just changing his shade of yellow in the variants department, they could have designed him in his ultimates attire...... but then again.....Mass production. )

We had the pleasure of buying Mr Pym in many forms throughout the entire Marvel Legends series so far. Giant Man series, Ant-man from series four together with Goliath, Yellow Jacket flying over the shoulder of Wonder Man in the Legendary Riders series, etc. But we have yet to see a fine detailed Yellow Jacket. This perhaps, is the reason our friends, Dr Nightmare, Kyle Robinson, and all our favorite customizers were born......

In the end, it is always up to each person to decide what does or does not work for him or her. Sadly for me, this Yellow Jacket doesn't do it for me, although I have him as part of my collection. Thus said, I will be taking a leaf from fellow customizers to improve on my Yellow Jacket. 'Nuff said

Thanx gang.

      by Louw   Update Review

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