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Optimus Prime Review

Optimus Prime
Transformers - Generation 1 (Hasbro) - Series 5
Powermaster Optimus Prime was the first new design for Optimus Prime since the original toys release in 1985. Released in 1988, Powermaster Optimus Prime comes with a new trailer and his Powermaster partner who this clearly lacks. The toy in the pictures above is my brothers Powermaster Optimus Prime which has been locked away in an old toy chest the size of a small table for quite some time.

In sever disrepair, lacking a foot and all of his weapons, this Optimus Prime may not be the best example, but it was the best I could come up with. It should give you a little bit of a good picture of what he looks like completed.

The Optimus toy itself stands about five, maybe six inches tall. The mold is completely different from the original and the transformation even more different. Instead of the front of the cab making the chest, it is now the rear of the toy hidden by the folded arms and smokestacks and is designed to look like the cartoon model. The cab's front does turn into his super-robot's chest however.

The transformation is simple. From vehicle mode, pull the legs down and unfold the feet. Then, pull apart the smoke stacks and unfold the arms. Finally, grab the small latch on the top of the cab and pull up to reveal Optimus Prime head! Simple, but effective.

To transform him into the super-robot's torso, simple put the toy in vehicle mode then fold the legs up over the back of the toy. Finally, slide it into the upright trailer which has a nice large open space for him to fit in. Slide Optimus in this compact mode, front of the cab facing away from the toy, into the compartment and voila!

Over course, the complete toy has more execssorys and a bulkier trailer, so I can't give you a extremely detail account for the trailer, especially as many of the joints seemed to be especially stiff and given the age of the toy, I did NOT want to push my luck.

Optimus lacks a head in this mode, but a spare head was included in the original release of the toy for this mode. The grill on the front of the cab can be pushed back and the Powermaster partner can be transformed into an engine type thing and inserted there to be able to do something, but I'm not wholly sure what!

Despite not having all of its components, this is still a good toy and I have to give it three and a half stars. Only wish that it was more complete and better condition so I could give a more detailed review.

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