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Gorilla Alien Review

Gorilla Alien
Aliens (Kenner) - Series 1
A member of the deadly Xenomorph species, the Gorilla Alien is named so for its massive, ape-like frame. The Gorilla Alien's body is mostly metallic blue with black highlights. The head is hollow and made of soft rubber. Sticking the head under water and squeezing the back of its skull will cause it to suck up water to be later sprayed from its second mouth like Acid Blood.

The Gorilla Alien has six points of articulation. The head, tail, and hips are swivel joints while the shoulders are ball and socket joints combined with an action feature. Squeezing together the two crossed black spines on the Gorilla Aliens back will cause the arms to spread wide and releasing them will cause the arms to snap together on some unsuspecting prey. Usually those chew Colonial Space Marines. The arms are very long and bony with long, spindly fingers ending with vicious claws. The chest is massive and the exoskeleton looks like a massive humanoid skeletons torso. The legs are crouched, ready to spring into a sprint or a mighty leap.

The tail is of a pretty basic design for the Xenomorph. A bony extension from the base of its spine that curls around in a semi-loops and tipped with a fat barbed weapon for the impaling or goring of enemies or prey. The tail is made of solid, rigid plastic so it could break if you miss handle it.

The Gorilla Alien also comes with a transparent blue Facehugger toy that can be attached to most human characters from the Aliens toy line and other similarly scaled action figure. The Facehugger is made of pure rubber so it is very flexible. However, as the Facehugger is made of rubber, be very careful with it or you could tear it with too much rough handling.

Over all, The Gorilla Alien gets four and a half stars out of five.

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