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Doc Ock Review

Doc Ock
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Sandman Series
One of Spider-Man's oldest and most feared foes, Doctor Octopus was brought to life and re-imagined in the block buster motion picture, Spider-Man 2. Hasbro brings us a recreation of his look in Spider-Man 2 in a re-release and minor retool of the Doctor Octopus action figure released for the Spider-Man 2 action figure toy line.

Doc Ock is just under six inches and has forty points of articulation counting the "Death Flowers" on his tentacles. His hand are hinged and his wrists are swivel joints. Knees and elbows are your basic double hinges (yeah!). His biceps are socket swivels and the same goes for his shoulder and hips. His head is a swivel joint. Doctor Octopus' ankles, yes his ankles, are swivel joints and the tip of his feet are hinges. The back of the feet are also hinges. Each of the Death Flowers (yes that is the proper production term used in the movie)have six points of articulation with hinges at the center of each pedal and the connection points at the "Stamen" (OF DEATH!).

Doctor Octopus, instead of the overly large cloth coat from the original release, wears a sculpted rubber coat with a dark gray-brown exterior and reddish-brown interior. It looks kind of clay colored to me. The coats design is very accurate to the one worn in the movie.

The bottom two mechanical arms are not bendable and are only good for trying to balance the figure, which are very bad at, and should probably be replaced with a pair more capable of the job from another Movie Doc Ock figure. The top arms are bendable and have virtually limitless poses available to them. The inside of the flowers are painted red and blue.

His hair is painted black and brown, a poor highlighting job to say the least. The eyes are rather soulless looking, only having an iris in the middle of the eye, the pupil, is colorless. Though I suppose this could be attributed to mimicking his eye-damage. Or that is lazy. I'm good with either one.

Doctor Octopus also includes a pair of black sunglasses that can't actually stay on his head as they don't have any grip even on the grooves above his ears for them.

Over all, Marvel Legends Special Spider-Man Series Doctor Octopus gets four and a half stars out of five. I want to award this higher, but the lower mechanical arms and the eyes make him suffer for it.

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