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Air Defense Team Review

Air Defense Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Mini Con Teams
Legends speak of a powerful weapon made of the combined might of three Mincons. The weapon was known as the Star Saber! Lost when the Minicons fled Cybertron, the three micro-transformers have been scattered across the planet Earth. Only by reuniting the three of them can the awesome might of the Star Saber be reawakened!

The Air Defense Team consists of the trio of Minicons that form the powerful Star Saber, Runway, Sonar and Jetstorm. The first minicon this review will cover is Runway.

Runway is the leader of the Air Defense Team and, though reluctant to fight, he is a brilliant strategist and commander. Transforming into a Boeing Sonic Cruiser, a concept jet plane, Runway has a second from as the tip of the deadly Star Saber weapon. His color scheme is a simple combination of purple, white and gray.

The next Minicon is Sonar. Sonar is completely loyal to Runway and would fly into the sun and back covered in crisco if he told him to do it. Not to say Sonar is stupid, but he is just that loyal to his leader. Sonar transforms into a Venturestar Concept Shuttle craft and the hilt of the Star Saber which can be held by most transformers with a five milli meter fist hole. Sonar has a simple color scheme of gray, blue and white with orange and gold used for his mouth plate and color respectively.

And finally, Jetstorm shall be the final review. Jetstorm struggles constantly to keep his rage and malice towards the Decepticon forces contained and hidden from sight, burying the feelings under a relaxed and complacent mask. Though he seems rather dumb, Jetstorm see's this as far better than the alternative of being seen as a raging psychopath and fears the fact that the power of the Air Defense Team can be corrupted by evil intent and what would happen if he ever fell under that influence. Transforming into a Concorde Super Sonic Transport jet plane, Jetstorm also becomes the middle of the Star Saber. Jetstorm's color scheme consists of multiple shades of glue, white and gray.

The Star Saber is supposed to light up when used in combination with Super-Mode Optimus Prime, however, due to its construction, the light can not move all the way up the weapon so it kind of fails on that front.

Over all, The Air Defense Team gets four and a half stars.

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