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Ultra Magnus Review

Ultra Magnus
Transformers - Robots in Disguise (Hasbro) - Super Class
Ultra Magnus was rised and trained along side Optimus Prime. The two grew close and began to see the other as a brother. However, when Optimus was chosen to be the Barer of the Matrix, jealusy exploded in his heart and a new goal for Ultra Magnus. Destroy Optimus Prime and take the Matrix for himself! What he did not expect was that when he tried to take it for himself, he and Optimus Prime became fused and formed the ultimate force for good, Omega Prime!

The Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus is in fact the first original mold used for an Ultra Magnus. Every Ultra Magnus prior to this action figure was in fact a white and blue redeco of Optimus Prime! Like his Generation One counterpart, Ultra Magnus transforms into a car carrier truck that can hold all three of the Autobot Brothers (Side Burn, Prowl and X Brawn) in his vehicle mode.

Ultra Magnus transformation is very tricky, requiring the twisting and folding of multiple pieces that look like they shouldn't be able to shift in such a manner as what is required. This is not helped by the rather vauge pictures shown in the instructions.

The car carrior parts transform into his legs, making his very tall in robot mode. To transform the legs, simple remove the car carrior section from the cab and pull the two halves apart. Unfasten the rear "blocks" and flip the sides downward. Drop the "blocks" down onto the soon to be legs and fold the section with the Autobot symbol against the railing so that the Autobot symbol is still facing outward. Finally, on fold the small blue nubs that are under the "blocks" and then connect them to the matching joints on Ultra Magnus' robot mode.

Transforming the cab is more difficult than the legs. I seriously am unable to accurately describe it. But it is difficult beyond beleif! It would just be too hard to discribe so you will have to live without it.

His upper body I can describe easily. Loaded down with articulation, Ultra Magnus has hinged fingers, including thumbs, ball and socket wrists, ball jointed elbows, ball and socket shoulders, ball and socket head and click joint hips. I forgot the actual term for them, so I'm just going to call them that, so deal with it.

The gun has three diffrent configurations. A machine gun, plasma gun and a quad-cannon with all three weapons pointing toward a taget. I didn't have any batteries for the gun so I don't know what sound effects they are supposed to make. It can not really be held steady in either mode and will constantly droop even when held by all the proper pegs.

Over all, Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus gets four and a half stars out of five! Transform and Rollout!

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