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Race Team Review

Race Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Mini Con Teams
Legend speak of an ancient weapon of incredible defensive powers, unrivaled in all of the Universe. It was called the Skyboom Shield, created by the combination of a trio of Minicon's. However, when the Minicon's fled the war torn planet of Cybertron, the power of the Skyboom Shield was lost forever. Until a signal was received from a small planet, Earth! Now the race is on to reawaken the Minicon's and retrieve the Skyboom Shield!

The Skyboom Shield is formed when the Minicon Race Team, consisting of Downshift, Dirt Boss and Mirage, each section of this review will be dedicated to each of these Minicon powerhouses.

The first Minicon to get this review shall be Dirtboss! Dirtboss lives up to his unit designation. Dirtboss rarely if ever cleans himself, likes the fact that his engine is always backfiring and swears enough to make a sailor vomit blood. While some think that the foul-mouthed mech is stupid, the frightening thing about Dirtboss is that he is actually the most intelligent of the Minicon Race Team. Run in fear. Dirtboss transforms into an SUV that is slightly reminiscent of X-Brawn from the Robots in Disguise line. His color scheme is yellow and gray. with strips of red and yellow going up his hood which makes up is legs in robot mode. Dirtboss also becomes the middle of the Skyboom Shield.

All right, how about Mirage next? Yeah, he sounds good. Mirage is loyal to the Autobot's to a near fault, being one of the first Minicons to side with them and encouraging other Minicon's to join him. Believing that they only have a chance at peace if the Autobots win the war, Mirage uses his ability to turn himself and other invisible to aid his allies and when the time calls for it, combined with his brothers Dirtboss and Downshift to form the Skyboom Shield! Dirtboss transformers into an Formula One Racer like his Generation One counterpart. Mirage's torso is made up of his vehicle mode's front and his arms are made up of his vehicle modes side and back while his legs are like turbo boosters in vehicle mode. Mirage also makes up the top of the Skyboom Shield.

Finally, Downshift. Downshift was original an arrogant jerk of a racer, believing that no one could possible out race him. Thankfully, before his teammates tore him to pieces, Downshift grew up and calmed down, but still carried with him that old youthful arrogance. Downshift transforms into a modified LeMans looking race car that is just different enough so that Hasbro and Takara don't have to pay licensing fees. Downshift can also transform into the back of the Skyboom Shield.

The Skyboom Shield itself has twin fold out pegs so that any Transformer that has a five milli meter fist hole can hold him. Thanks to a Powerlinx port of Downshifts underside, you can also attach the Skyboom Shield to any Powerlinx port on a Bulk (larger robot that a Minicon combines with to amplify each others powers). The Skyboom Shield looks a lot like a space ship and the connections are pretty loose, but hopefully that will vary from toy to toy.

Over all, the Minicon Race Team gets four and a half stars out of five.

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