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Spider-Man (Spider Armor) Review

Spider-Man (Spider Armor)
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 3
I got this little bugger, uh I mean, way back when and was shocked when I pulled him out of the toy box I decided to pop open for no reason other than to look back on old memories. Spider Armor Spider-Man was still in surprisingly good condition with only a few scratches.

The Spider Armor only appeared in one issue of the comics, Spectacular Spider-Man issue number one hundred I believe, and was destroyed that same issue but still has made numerous appearances in variant covers, video games, toys, and of course cartoons. Featured as one of many alternate Spider-Men, this version of Peter Parker was a billionaire with no secret identity and engaged to Gwen Stacy, a character previously absent from the cartoon due to a mandate that no character could die on screen.

This action figure was produced as part of the Spider-Man: TAS toy line and is fairly accurate to the comic and cartoon design. A heavy suit of interlocking silver metal plates, spaced so that it creates the classic web design, and black (presumably bullet proof fabric) making up what was formally the blue sections of the suit. A large silver spider stretches across the back and a smaller black spider is given a whole square, really a rectangle, to itself.

Spider Armor Spider-Man has seven points of articulation. Its knees, hips, shoulders and left elbow are all hinged. His right arm lacks the hinge at the elbow to allow the action feature. The small web shield he comes with fits into the launcher on the inner part of his right forearm. With just a little pressure, the shield with be fired, propelled by the combined might of the spring and pressure.

The joints are nice and tight and the paint job is clean and well done, save for the few scratches on my as a result of rough play from years past.

Over all, Spider Armor Spider-Man gets four and a half stars out of five.

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