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Space Team Review

Space Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Mini Con Teams
Legend speak of an ancient weapon of incredible destructive power, unrivaled in all of the Universe. It was called the Requiem Blaster, created by the combination of a trio of Minicon's. However, when the Minicon's fled the war torn planet of Cybertron, the power of the Requiem Blaster was lost forever. Until a signal was received from a small planet, Earth! Now the race is on to reawaken the Minicon's and retrieve the Requim Blaster!

When combined, the Space Minicon Team forms the devastating Requiem Blaster. The team is made up of Astroscope, Payload, and Sky Blast. The review will dedicate a section to each of the three Minicons starting with Astroscope.

Astroscope is an absolutely brilliant! Perfectly at peace in a laboratory than combining with a Bulk (larger robot that a Minicon powerlinx with to increase their respective powers), Astroscope has excepted his lot in life and it helps that his own little bit of hidden adventurer blooms on the battle field. Astroscope transformers into a space station with a working missile launcher. He also forms the barrel of the Requiem Blaster. Astroscope's color scheme is a combination of red, gray and blue.

Payload is the muscle of the Space Minicon Team but don't let that fool you! He is still one of the smartest Minicon's around. Usually patient, Payload only loses his temper when his friend and teammate Sky Blast does something stupid. Which is most of the time. Payload transforms into transforms into a rocket transport truck of a fictional model. He can also carry Sky Blast when they are both in vehicle mode. Payload also transforms into the handle of the Requiem Blaster.

Finally, Sky Blast. Sky Blast is rash and unthinking in his actions, often getting on the nerves of his fellow Space Minicon Teammates Pay Load and Astroscope. Still, the two love the young Minicon like a brother and would come to his rescue in a heart beat. Sky Blast transforms into a fictional multi thruster space rocket that can fit on Payload's vehicle mode. Sky Blast also transforms into the middle of the Requiem Blaster.

The Requiem Blaster can be held by any Transformer with a five milli meter fist hole. The connection between Payload and Sky Blast is a little loose compare to Sky Blast and Astroscope.

Over all, the Space Minicon Team gets four and a half stars out of five.

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