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Hulk (Steel Beam Weapon) Review

Hulk (Steel Beam Weapon)
Incredible Hulk - Movie (Hasbro)
Once, Bruce Banner was the most brilliant scientist in the world. Contracted by the military to develop a new version of the second world war era Super Soldier program. Believing so strongly in his own research, Banner exposed himself to massive amounts of Gamma Radiation. Something either went horrible wrong, incredibly right. Now every time Bruce Banner becomes enraged or excited, he transforms into the mightiest creature of all time, the Incredible Hulk!

"Steel" (yes, steel is in parenthesis on the toy box!) Beam Weapon Hulk stands at six inches tall and has eighteen points of articulation. His wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, hips, knees and ankles are all dual swivel and hinge joints while his waist is a simple swivel joint.

He comes with a red steel beam accessory that separates into two halves and can be held in his left hand. The steel beam doesn't really hold together all that well but does stay well in his hand. I suggest tightening it up with just a tini tiny dab of glue and the old joint fix trick detailed in one of Doctor Nightmare's many wonderful tutorial's.

The paint job is pretty good, but the brown highlights aren't really my cup of tea. The Hulk's pants, instead of the traditional purple, are blue and are incredible detailed with a nice texture akin to actual blue jeans.

The head sculpt and paint job is the only truly horrible thing about. The face is rather dull and stupid looking, not the furious rage that is the hallmark of the Jade Giant. The eyes are badly painted and cross-eyed. I switched the head with that of a megaclap Hulk which had a better face and better eyes so I suggest doing that.

One of the harsher criticism of this toy line is its scale compared to the Iron Man toy line. Personally, as long as a toy is in scale to the other figures in its lines, I am good with it. I really think collectors have been spoiled by the Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics line, but that is just me.

Over all, "Steel" Beam Weapon Hulk gets four and a half stars out of five.

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