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Megatron Review

Transformers - Beast Wars (Hasbro) - Transmetals - Mega
"The Universe cowered once at the name Megatron, and it shall do so again!"

Megatron is a master of manipulation and a master at the art of divide and conqour. Taking his name from a passage in the Covenant of Primus, possible like the original Megatron did centuries ago, Megatron will do and gamble whatever it takes, time, space, and even himself, to accomplish is schemes which are often massive and complex in nature. Megatron will make sure that the Predacons once more become the great army and it once was and no one and nothing will stand in his way, esspeically Optimus Primal!

Megatron transforms into a Transmetal's Tyrannosaurs Rex, a hybrid of mechanicle and organic parts. Appearing like a machine in his beast mode while his robot mode looks oddly organic.

In Beast Mode, Megatrons hide is bronze while his Tyrannosaurs Rex head, feet and turbines are metallic purple and his arms are silver. The jaw is articulated so it can move up and down. The Beast Mode's arms are also swivel type joints. Megatron's tail is very flexiable and can be positioned diffrently to make poseses all the cooler.

Megatron's second mode is rather...really freaking weird. Transmetals have three modes all togther, Beast Mode, Robot Mode and Vehicle Mode which is usually a modified form of their beast modes. Megatrons is simple and goofy. Rollar skates, yes rollar skates, are hidden in his Beast Modes legs and are pulled out and replace his regular feet then the twin purple turbines on his thighs are lifted up and viola, the weirdest and probably the most pathetic Vehicle Mode a Transmetal has ever had. @%*& IT HASBRO!

Megatrons final mode is of course, his Robot Mode. In this mode, Megatron's Tyrannosaurs Rex arms end up on the back of his shoulders, the sides of his beast mode become his shoulder pads, his tail is removed and his Beast Mode's head is pushed to his back. The tail, now acting as a sword, can be attached to his arms. Unlike in the Beast War's cartoon show, the sword is not supposed to act like a long distance weapon, but simple as a melee weapon. The production team was able to get around this when they notice that Transmetal's Optimus Primal's maces, when in storage, looked kind of like guns and so came most Transmetals weaponry.

The worst feature of Transmetal's Megatron is that it is affected by Gold Plastic Syndrome, or GPS, which causes the plastic to rapidly become brittle and crack under the minimal stress used in transformation. Well, I suppose it isn't really GOLD Plastic Syndrome, but either way, this is very BAD.

Over all, Transmetals Megatron gets three stars out of five. A good buy so long as you handle with extreme care!

      by Collector1   Update Review

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