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Divebomb Review

Transformers - Energon (Hasbro)
One of the many Terrorcons created by Alpha Q, the Divebomb drones are the fastest and most deadly in air to air or air to ground combat. In their beast modes, Divebomb drones are quick and agile, attacking with their crushing beaks and deadly Energon Blades sprouting from their necks. In robot mode, Divebomb drones are just as fast and far more stealthy, using their Energon blades as either dual weapons or twin bladed weapons to eliminate their target.

Divebomb can transform into a robotic hawk and a ninja styled robot. In beast mode, Divebomb has articulation at the base of his wings, the bend in the middle of his winge, and his talons. The two Energon Blades can fit individually on the two five milli meter holes on the side of his beast modes head or fit in his mouth to by the tips of the long ends to form a larger, horizontal blade. The two engines at the end of his wings are none functioning.

The transformation sequance is simple. Collapse the wings so that the green Energon feathers are no longer visible and then raise them above the head. Close the talons and press their connection points to the main body down. Seperate the head and swing them to the rear of Divebomb. Next, lower the wings down to where the hawks head was. Now, you have a fully funtional Terrorcon drone!

The Energon blades can be inserted like before in his hand's which were formally his beast modes head. The Energon Blades don't really hold to well in his hands and even in the socket they slip and droop a lot, but hopefully this will just be mine.

Over all, Energon Divebomb gets four and a half stars out of five. That's Energon stars by the way.

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