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Venom II Review

Venom II
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 4
No amount of words can express how finely crafted this figure is. This is the best version (there are like 5 versions) of Venom out there. There is nothing much to say about the paint job, I mean, come on, he's all black with the white spider symbol and the white patches on his hands. Venom's massive build and detailed features are what make him an awesome find. His head looks just like the cartoon version of Eddie Brock. He has small veins protruding all over his body. The blackness of his suit actually catches light and causes it to create a rippling effect over his perfectly proportionate muscles. Yes, Venom is MASSIVE. He's 5 1/4 inches and is built like a bull!! He's heavy too. He's the heaviest figure I have. (Maybe Warstar from the X-men is a bit heavier...robots do tend to be heavier than people... :P) The attention to detail on Venom is just as great as Spider-Carnage's. Just perefect.

If Venom is so perfect, then why did I give him only 4 and a half stars?

Venom comes with a removable symbiote mask. That's great, right? Well, actually, no, not really. The mask isn't in proportion with Venom's body, it is just too big. So whenever you put it on, it looks as if he has a balloon on his head, instead of the fierce razor-toothed symbiote we'd all expect. Venom also comes with a collectible pin (Like all the other Spiderman figures). He also comes with what looks like a blot of the alien symbiote he wears. I'm guessing that it is so you can show Eddie Brock becoming assimilated by the symbiote...that's great but Eddie Brock was never made as a seperate figure...and Venom is already in his full costume...???

Despite the minor (maybe major) flaw of the balloon mask, Venom is still awe-inspiring. He is one of the best figures I have ever seen. Unfortunately FigureRealm doesn't have him for sale anymore, but there are plenty of online shops that do carry him. Venom is well worth the effort.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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