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Air Military Team Review

Air Military Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Mini Con Teams
Minicons, a diminutive race of Cybertronian's that contain immenise power that is unleashed when they combined with a larger Bulk partner. Certain Minicons have joined together to form powerful teams specializing in certain style attacks and opperations. One such team is the Air Military Team consisting of Gunbarrel, Terradive and Thunderwing!

First let us star with Gunbarrel. Gunbarrel is an utter jack@$$ that controls the Air Military Team with an iron grip. Gunbarrel has taken a habit of carving victory nothces marking his kills into HIMSELF. Yeah, this is so definatly stable. Gunbarrel has two alternate modes. The first is that of a large fictional multi-engined cargo plane. Due to his bulky alt mode, Gunbarrel has a nice round belly. Gunbarrel's other mode is that of a giant six-shooter blaster. Gunbarrel's color scheme is red, black and silver.

Terradive is a suicidal adreniline junky that loves to pull stupid stunts like diving straight down at the ground and pulling up at the last second. This, and his many other crazy stunts, put enormous strain on his body so he undergoes matianace more than any other memeber of the Air Military Team. Is it all worth it too him? Heck yes! Could I get a straight jacket over here? Terradive transformers into a Blackbird Stealth Bomber look alike but bright and purple! His third alt mode is a three pronged blade weapon. His color scheme is purple, black, and silver

Finally, Thunderwing. Massive over sized swords are too Cloud as Stealth is too Thunderwing. While he is the weakest memeber of the Air Military Team, Thunderwing is the best in the universe at infiltration and going undetected into enemy territory. Thunderwing transforms into a Stealth Flying Wing but with a far larger rear end. Thunderwings third alt mode is a spinning blade that takes advantage of the fact that his powerlinx port is free-spinning. His color scheme is black, purple and yellow.

Over all, the Air Military Team is a great buy and they are just adorable for a bunch of psychopaths! Four and a half stars out of ten.

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