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Lobo (SDCC) Review

Lobo (SDCC)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Exclusives
DCUC Lobo - Mattel's SDCC 2008 Exclusive

Wow, Mattel really did the Main Man up big time for SDCC! The 4 Horsemen really went over the top on the sculpt for Lobo and Mattel put it all together in a great package that screams “Super Collectable!”

First off Lobo is huge in comparison to the DCUC line. I know this is going to be a big crit for scale nuts (and I say that with utmost respect) as Lobo stands at almost 8.25 inches. His character stats on the package say he’s supposed to be 6’4”. I can only guess that Mattel decided to make him out of proportion with his DCUC counterparts because he was an extra special figure. As reported by Mattel’s own Toy Guru; Lobo was one of the characters that wasn’t going to be made for the retail DCUC line as he isn’t “kid friendly” unlike DC characters Etrigan the Demon and the ever so cheerful Deathstroke the Terminator. But I digress. Lobo’s BIG. Real BIG.

All the normal DCUC articulation is there although his head movement is limited by his long, flowing raven colored hair. Lobo is sporting a new body style which will also be used on the upcoming DCUC 4 Despero C to C figure.

Detail, detail, detail! There is an incredible amount of detail on Lobo; veins popping out on his ghostly pale brawny arms, stubble on his chin, signature hook and chain wrapped around his right wrist (and Mattel used real chain not some rubbery facsimile), wrinkles in his leather vest, big honkin’ ammo belt, sculpted jeans details under the belts and Lobo’s signature blood spattered boots, shin guards and skulls n’ stars knee pads. Quite obviously 4HM were using Val Semeiks art from DC’s short lived monthly Lobo title as their design guide. The paint apps and colors all look perfect to me. Nothing stands out as being glaringly un-Lobo.

Mattel didn’t skimp on accessories either. Along with his chain Lobo comes with a pistol, space bazooka, 3-D glasses and faithful Dawg. Dawg also has beautifully sculpted details.

And there’s more! Lobo’s packaging becomes an attractive display case! The clam shell package is made to be opened and closed and includes a display stand with 3-D Wanted poster background. You can have your cake and eat it too! Use Lobo to play out all kinds of vicious atrocities upon your other action figures and then store Lobo in the display to keep him dust free and make him look like the ComicCon Exclusive Collectible that you cherish and tell your friends is for “Display Only”. Lobo’s DCUC package nameplate morphs into 3-D glasses to enhance your viewing pleasure as you gaze upon the last Czarnian in his display case. Somebody in Mattel’s marketing department was on the fraggin’ ball about this one.

Okay, I’ve been gushing about this Lobo action figure so it’s time for nitpicks. One I’ve already mentioned – he’s too dang big to fit seamlessly in with the rest of the DCUC figures. I would love to see Mattel come out with a Lobo that does fit in scale-wise. Until then I guess I’ll have to come up with a custom Lobo. My other crit is the hair. It’s a little funky looking and it does inhibit head movement. I would have loved for 4HM to have done Lobo’s hair more spikey as Simon Bisley drew him in The Last Czarnian. Neither point is enough for me not to thoroughly dig this figure though.

The bottom line is Mattel really knows how to put an SDCC Exclusive together. The DCUC Lobo with it's great details and display morphing package is made to appeal to the FanBoy or Girl as well as the hardcore collector. If you're a big Lobo fan you need to get yer hands on one.

      by Buzzy_Fret   Update Review

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