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Medieval Spawn Review

Medieval Spawn
Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 1
All throughout history, the curse of Spawn has touched countless lives. One such life was that of a knight in medieval Europe that was given the power of the Hellspawn after his death. Medieval Spawn comes with a sword and shield equipped with a rotating blade. The two shoulder pads can be removed and his cape with it. The two chains can also be removed.

Medieval Spawn has seven points of articulation with swivel jointed shoulders, hips, and head and hinge jointed knees. The chains are made of very soft and flexible rubber so be careful and do not tug to hard on them or they could rip.

This guy is covered in spikes to the point of over kill. His upper right thigh is armored by a red pad covered with spikes and his right shin has a row of spikes going up and down it. His left knee has a single spiked pad while his calf has a band of two rows of spikes wrapped around it. Two spikes sprout from his left angle. A spike is present on the top of both his hands. A band of spikes wraps around his right bicep and tricep. Two spikes are present on the outer side of his left elbow and shoulder. Both his shoulder pads are covered in spikes.

The paint application is very smooth and clean, something that is expected of McFarlane's products. The sculpt is equally great, looking like a cross between a form fitting spandex costume and a suit of armor.

The sword can fit in his right hand and his shield in his left hand. The sword is made of semi-ridged plastic with just enough flexibility to not be brittle. The shield, made to look like the traditional Spawn symbol, is rather loose fitting, but that does not cause me to much concern. The blade around it can be spun around with just a little push.

Over all, Medieval Spawn gets five stars out of five.

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