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Starscream Review

Transformers - Energon (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Ten years ago, Starscream sacrificed his life to show Galvatron, the leader of the Decepticon's, the reality of the threat posed by the God of Choas Unicron. However, though his body was completly destroyed by Unicron, Starscream's spark remained alive. After being exiled from the remains of Unicron by the resurrected Megatron, Alpha Q used what little energon he had left and recreated Starscreams body. However, Starscream was nothing more than a blank slate, having no memories of his past life and capable of shifting from place to place due to the instability of his new form.

With his new powers and under the control of Alpha Q, can Starscream succeed in his mission to destroy Megatron, or while the Decepticon Commander be too much for him to handle?

Starscream does not come with an Energon Star but does come with two weapons, a sword and gun which can be held in his hands or can be combined into a single massive sword. The weapons lack color except the grayish white and translucent plastic. Energon Starscream also has two pressure launching missiles that fit into launchers under his wings. The gun and sword can also be placed on the under of of his wings in jet mode.

His right shoulder pad and the outer lining of his wings are made of translucent plastic to give the appearance of a specter or unfinished body. Starscream has a good amount of articulation and can be posed in many different ways, but as all ways, make sure he is balanced!

He transforms into a rough mock up of a FA-22 Raptor, which would go on and be used as the body for the 2007 live action movie version of Starscream. Starscreams transformation is not so much difficult as it is frustrating due to the tightness of some joints and the relatively small spaces the limbs have to be squeezed into.

Over all, Energon Starscream gets four and a half energon stars out of five.

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