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Destruction Team Review

Destruction Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Mini Con Teams
If you need something blown up, smashed, atomized, obliterated, or all around %#@&ed up, you need to call the Minicon Destruction Team. Though they probable will kill you first just for talking to them. The Destruction Team is absolutly dedicated to the cause of Minicon freedom, even if it means killing everyone and everything to do so!

Buzzsaw, Drill Bit and Dualor make up the little psychopathic freedom fighters. This review will dedicate a portion of itself to each of these mighty Minicons starting with Buzzsaw.

Buzzsaw is all to aware of the fact that to create, somethings must be destroyed. Of course, what needs to be destroyed is all a matter of opinion. The opposite of Dualor, Buzzsaw denies that anyone and everything should be sacrificed to achive ones goal, but he is held in inaction by his own fear of Dualor. But, as the years go by, watching so many innocents suffer is slowly affecting him, wheathering him down like a stone against the rain...Buzzsaw transforms into a bucket-wheel excavator that, due to its use of a gear and wheel internal mechanism, when rolled along the floor in vehicle mode, Buzzsaws bucket-wheel rotates. This can also be combined with Armada Cyclonus' own gear and wheel mechanism. Buzzsaw has a yellow and gray color scheme.

Drill Bit does not care one bit about Dualor's goal of Minicon freedom, so long as he gets to kill things. Completly without empathy, Drill Bit enjoys nothing more than the screams of his dying enemies. Brill Bit transforms into a tunniling machine of a fictional make and model. The huge drill is operated via a gear and wheel mechanism which is activated by rolling Drill Bit, in vehicle mode, across the floor, making the drill spin. Drill Bit can be combined with Armada Cyclonus and his won gear and wheel mechanism will interact with Cyclonus' own gimmick.

Dualor is perhaps the most dangerous Minicon, neigh, Transformer of all time. Vicous, cruel and without remorse, Dualor will do anything to acheive his dream of Minicon freedom, even if whole systems must burn for it to become a reality. Be they Autobot or Decepticon, Dualor will gladly gun them down in the name of acheiving freedom for all Minicon's, even if he has to kill a few of them in process. Dualor transforms into an anti-aircraft vehicle similair in design to the German Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard but just diffrent enough to avoid licensing fee's. Dualor's gear and wheel mechanism is activated by rolling him along the floor in vehicle mode, causing his twin cannons to move back and forth. Dualor can combined with Armada Cyclonus and his gear and wheel mechanism interacts with Cyclonus' own gear and wheel mechanism.

Over all, the Destruction Minicon Team gets four and a half stars out of five.

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