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Scarlet Witch Review

Scarlet Witch
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 11 - Legendary Riders Series
Wanda stands about 6 inches to the top of her head and taller if you count the "hair". I'm not sure what the hell Toy Biz was thinking here by approving this figure, she looked so sexy in the promo pics and then you see the actual figure and it's like a slap in the face with a stinky old fish, just awful. I hate her lips and her nose is crooked. She has almost the same body as the ugly Mystique with the cockroach torso and skinny little legs, and the hair looks like dog-poop. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating, if you could see it first-hand you'd instantly think "poop", it painted horribly, very gloopy. The redeeming quality I could find in this figure is that the gloves and boots are PERFECT for a Red Sonja custom, they're the right size and shape and everything, and the fact that they're red only proves they were fated to go on the flame-haired warrior. Pretty cool. The cape is nice too, it's very flexible and it's not glued-on for easy removal to use on another figure.

Most ML articulation is present, except for the the thigh-swivel, of you want to turn a leg then you have to turn the ENTIRE leg at the hip-joint, limiting poseability. I am very impressed with how perfectly tight the joints are though, every single joint is just perfectly assembled and moves flawlessly, they hold any position securely.

Solid joints aren't enough to make-up for being so ugly though, and the hover-board thing she's packaged with isn't all that great either. I give this figure 2 poop-wigs out of 5.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Wednesday, August 6, 2008
I wonder if it''s dried dog poop?

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