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Shark Review

Green Lantern (DC Direct) - Series 2
The Shark is over 7 inches of terror! This is one angry fish. This thing is big and heavy and VERY VERY SHARP! Do NOT give this toy to a little kid, he's going to lose an eye and poke-out everyone else's in within range. The fins and nails are very stiff, very pointy, very dangerous! He even has a sharp fin coming out of his butt, lol. Rows and rows of teeth with an awesome multi-layered paint-job make this an outstanding figure. Every fiber of rippling muscle is clearly visible, every line is crisp and neat, it looks like Shark jumped right out of the recent Green Lantern comics. The fins and webbing between the fingers is translucent. The black suit is glossy while the exposed skin has a matte finish.

Basic DC articulation is all there, even the waist, wrists, and ankles are poseable! Not the head though, it's too thick to move much anyway. Would have been cool if the jaw moved, but aw well.

The fin on Shark's back is huge so it comes packaged individually along with the figure. You just simply pop it on. And really, don't put this on your highest shelf, one day it's going to fall and break your foot or neck! I can't count how many cuts I've gotten from this figure just from handling it roughly, it bites back!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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