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Orion Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 1
Orion stands about 6.5 inches to the top of his helmet, which is fine with me! These new DCUC figures feel much sturdier than the old DCSH figs, maybe it's the legs that actually close all the way that give that impression, whatever, they feel nice in hand. The golden harness is flimsy but amazingly detailed and adds depth to an otherwise bland and pretty straight-forward figure. I didn't believe Buzzy Fret when he said the blue parts were actually purple, but they are! They look purple with sky-blue mixed-in, which looks like an odd combination of colors on the mainly red body, but it works I guess, heaven forbid I should argue with Jack Kirby's designs or I'd be STRICKEN AND CAN'T LET YOU GO! WHEN THE HEART IS COLD, THERE'S NO HOPE, AND WE KNOW- oops, listening to too much of Disturbed's music lately...all the DCUC figures seem to be shaded well, it helps break-up the monotony of the solid colors. The wrist and neck-brace are metallic blue while the helmet and waist-band are metallic metal...hah. I think they're just glued-on so you can pop them off if you want with a little heat. The helmet doesn't come off but soon you'll get a removable version in an upcoming two-pack with Light Ray.

All articulation is there, the joints are all very tight.

And it's probably just a problem with mine, the right side of Orion's mouth looks "stretched", maybe the mold got bent?...not too noticeable at least.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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