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Thing (Stomp 'N Clober) Review

Thing (Stomp 'N Clober)
Fantastic Four - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 1
The Movie Thing is 7 inches of orange delight. This is my favorite Thing figure so far, if I can find the one with more poseability (sacrificing the sound effects) I'd have to buy that one too. The sound effects this one makes are addictive like Brawl's from the Leader-class figure from Transformers. Bet you can't stomp just once! The right hand and left foot can be slightly pressed and 2 different noises sound, sounds like crates breaking on the hand and a general WHAM! on the foot. I'm surprised that the articulation at the ankle and hand are NOT sacrificed! Even the boots still turn! But it is sacrificed at the shoulder and hip of those parts, which is worse I think. That's why I'd like the more articulated version as well. The paint on the pants is great, very crisp, the dry-brushing on the orange could use some neatness though. The eyes are awesome they express intelligence under all that stone.

Except for the mentioned areas, most articulation in there, the head even still moves freely despite the bulk. The fingers are articulated too! Not individually, but still! :P The upper-body tilts around too and the waist has a spring inside that snaps it back in place when you turn the figure so you can take advantage of that hand-smack sound effect.

Overall a nice figure, but if you want poseability, look for a different Thing.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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