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Vampire Review

Wetworks (McFarlane) - Series 1
I got this guy in from the Figure Realm shop today, August 7th, which brightened my day up considerable what with the dislocated knee cap thing and all. True to the box, Wetworks Vapmire stands at seven and three quaters of an inch tall, allowing him to tower over most Marvel Legends.

True to McFarlanes toy designs, the Vampire only has nine points of articulation, eleven if you count his braclets which can move independitly of the arm. The skin is a dark gray color and extremely detailed with muscles and veins meticulasly sculpted. Two spikes rise up from the Vampires shoulders but are mostly hidden by his fabric hair. The hair is long and tangled with lots of strands sticking up and out from the head but this just seems to make him more authentic looking.

His upper arms are very thin and skeletal looking while his forearms are very long and his hands are massive claws. The head is beautiful with long ears and a pointed snout. His teeth are all there with two long fangs coming out just below his nostrils.

The Vampire's legs have undergone a cybernetic upgrade with removable armor to show the mechanices underneath it. The feet are large and circular, allowing for good stability when standing. His battle staff is taller than he is at nine inches and is made of soft, flexiable rubber. A red "vine" is wrapped around its surface. It can be held, but not very well.

The Vampire's neck, shoulders, wrists, and hips are swivel joints while his knees are hinge joints. Over all, Wetworks Vampire gets four and a half stars out of five.

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