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Superman (Black Outfit) Review

Superman (Black Outfit)
DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 6
About a week ago, I ordered this guy from Buzzy Fret for ten bucks (before shipping of course), which is a steal when you consider what this is being sold for at other sites. Well, I sent him the cash and he shipped it MoC and I recived it today, August 7th, at the same time as the Wetworks Vampire I ordered off the Figure Realm store.

I opened him up and was amazed by the clean, smooth paint job done on the S-Shield, boots and belt. The suit is black and the cape is really more gray than silver. The boots are bright and almost reflective. The S-Shield is slightly duller in shade but not enough to detract points.

The cape is made of softer, more flexiable material than the previous Supermen toys from the DC Super Heroes toy line and even has the yellow S-Sheild on the back of the cape. However, it is on lopsided. The neck joint is much tighter than the Series 2 Superman and they fixed with ankle joints for this one.

Superman has ninteen points of articulation like the previous Supermen. The ankles, elbows, knees, and abdoman are hinge joints. His wrists, biceps, theighs, head, and waist are all swivel joints. His shoulders are combonation of a ball and socket and peg joint system. His hips are a swivel-hinge combo.

The joints are all nice and tight with no noticable overly loose parts. The eyes have a dark underline like eyeshadow which I suppose was meant to bring them out more. The hair is painted the same with the light blue highlights but is much less pronounced than previous figures.

The one flaw is that upon opening the figure, I found a gapping hole in his left leg. I can not blame Buzzy Fret for it because it was MoC so this all comes down to a bad mold and a chance slip at Quality Control. This does not seem to affect its intergrity, but I will be very gentle when I handle him.

He also came with a cardboard diorama that you must assemble yourself. Don't worry, it is not to hard, just be careful with the flaps.

Over all, Black Suit Superman gets four stars out of five. The lopsided S-Sheild on the cape and hole in the leg forced me to detract a few points. I'll try and fix it when I get some Sculpty.

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