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Street Speed Team Review

Street Speed Team
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Mini Con Teams
The Street Speed Team feel the need! The need for speed! OW! Who threw that chair?! Er, I get you when I'm done typing. The Street Speed Team are the absolute best Minicon's when it comes to reconnaissance missions. No mech, Bulk or Minicon, can out race this highly specialized team of Minicons. The Street Speed Minicon Team is made up of Backtrack, Oval, and Spiral. This review will dedicate a sub-section of itself to each one of these Minicon's.

Backtrack is a two faced liar with an engine under his hood that would make Blurr salivate. Constantly making promises he has no intention to keep, going back on his word at the drop of a microchip, and being a completely unapologetic jerk makes him the most unpopular Minicon with both his teammates and the Autobots. Lucky for him, he is far to valuable to slag. Backtrack transforms into a Cadillac XLR luxury car. His wheels have been specially modified to allow him to go much smoother over flat surfaces than other Transformers. The feet on him are pretty loose and don't really hold their place very well. Backtracks color scheme is a simple one. Lime green with gray limbs and a yellow visor.

The comedian of the Street Speed Team, Oval is actually kind of funny and witty. If he would actually shut up for once in his life! Be it some down time from the war or on a mission that requires absolute stealth and silence, Oval is always making jokes. This makes Backtrack and Spiral image doing horrible, painful things to the chatterbox of a 'bot. He means no ill will however. After fighting for countless centuries, Oval has seen so many bots loose their hearts and spirits so he fights to keep that roaring flame of passion alive! Even if it means being horrible tortured by his teammates. Oval transforms into a Salen S7 sports car. The two nubs on top of his arms are supposed to be guns, but they loose something in the translation between concept art and the actual toy. The back right wheel was missing from my Oval which really me made. Hasbro needs to pay more attention to Quality Control! Oval is slimmer than the other Minicons in the Street Speed Team, but his upper torso is made up of his vehicle modes hood, giving him a reason for his name. Oval's color scheme is orange and has gray limbs and grill.

Spiral is the leader of the Street Speed Team which earns her a good deal of props considering who they are. But don't give her any reason to get made at you, or will be systematically broken, scared and utterly obliterated. Spiral has a very short temper and has the strongest and smartest of the Street Speed Team, so they do tend to listen to her. No matter what happens however, Spiral will be there to pull Backtrack and Oval out of the fire every time. Which is about every two or three hours. Spiral Transforms into a Mercedes C-Class luxury car with specially modified wheels to allow her to move over smooth surfaces faster than most other robots. The hinge joints at her elbows are pretty loose which his pretty disappointing. Spiral's color scheme is blue with gray limbs and yellow squares on her chest which is her hood in vehicle mode.

Over all, the Street Speed Minicon Team gets four stars out of five.

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