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Starscream with Swindle Review

Starscream with Swindle
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Maxcon Assortment
Long ago, Starscream may have been a noble, caring soul, but after centuries of abuse dealt by Megatron, Starscream has become disillusioned with his leader, now reliving that Megatron does not care for him, would throw his life away in an instant, and does not give Starscream the respect he deserves. Only time will tell whether Starscream will remain loyal to Megatron or finally lash out at the Decepticon commander. Has Megatron created a monster even can not control?

Starscream transforms into a combination of a Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighter and a Cybertronian jet fighter. Starscream is partnered with the Minicon Swindle who, when powerlinxed to his very back port, activates his flip out missile cannons which fire spring loaded missiles. This works in either Robot or Jet Mode's. His left wing can be removed and unfolded into a sword which can be held in either of his tiny hands.

The Decepticon symbol is located on front edges of his wings, the bottom tip of the "face" touching the red outer edge. Swindle can be stored under his nose cone. Pressing down on the cockpit will cause the little red Minicon to be deployed from the storage space.

Transforming Starscream is essentially stuffing everything under his wings and nose cone to create a plane like craft. His cockpit transforms into his torso and his rear tail fins become his lower legs. The guns or landing gear, depending on how you look at it, transforms into his arms and the hand fold out from inside them. The wings are simply turned upward to complete the transformation.

Swindle is a smooth talker and cool playa that can worm his way out of all most any situation and convince almost anyone to get him what he wants. Though he gets along well with his Bulk partner, Starscream, you can never be to sure how much of that is an act. Lacking the moral fiber to be a hero, Swindle suffers from to much guilt to be a villain, leaving him somewhat alone. Swindle transforms into a crimson F1 Racer. The upper part of the car is pulled apart to form his arms and the lower "nose" of the car is pulled apart with the tip folding upward to form his legs and feet. Push down the fin to reveal Swindles head.

Now for the bad news. Starscreams sword has a small problem staying plugged into his side in its wing mode and he has a bit of a balance problem because of his extended back section to accommodate the powerlinx port for Swindle.

Over all, Starscream and Swindle get four and a half stars out of five.

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