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Grimlock Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
Grimlock is a walking, talking, fire breathing engine of ultimate destruction! Luckily for the Decepticon's, he ain't to bright. Though, he is the only one to actual speak in the cartoon series so, let's give him that at least.

Grimlock transforms from a towering robot, seven inches tall from his feet to the top of the "wings" on his back, into a mighty T-Rex. Much of both modes design is in homage to the original Generation One Grimlock toy, but updated to how a T-Rex most likely walked. A gray button on the top of his Beast Modes head makes his lantern jaw go down when it is depressed to simulate Grimlock taking a chunk out of Starscream's hide. While advertised on the box, the sword does not really fit in his mouth all to well, so the fire breath effect is really lost.

The transformation is relatively simple, but some will get hung up do to a printing error on the toys instruction sheet which depicts a part that is to be moved remaining stationary. First, pull apart the yellow tip of Grimlocks tail, then pull apart the black base of the tail.

Next, grab the section of Grimlocks back with the three indents on its side and lift it up and pull back. Don't worry if it does not come easily, just apply more force, but not enough to break it.

Now that it is free from the back, fold the sections with the three indents into the other part of the back with the gold spines and attach the pieces of the tail to the two clips on the side.

Turn the Beast Modes feet inward to that the rear claws are facing each other and push the claws up so that they are facing forward. Push the legs up into the thighs until the bend hits the top of the gold lining.

Fold the T-Rex arms into the sides of the Beast Modes chest and flip them away from the T-Rex head. Then, flip the head up so that the jaw is pointing skyward.

Push up the large golden chest so that it clicks against Grimlocks new neck. Finally, secure the "back pack" to his back by the peg and hole on the heads hinge and his back. Grimlocks sword can fit in either hand, but only the right hand activates the action gimmick. Put the sword in his right hand and give the hand a twist to the left and smaller flames will pop out of the swords side.

Grimlock is very articulated. His shoulders are a ball and socket joint, his elbows are hinged, forearms swivel joints, head and waist are also swivels, his hips are swivel hinges, and his knees are double combination of a hinge and swivels.

All the joints are nice and tight, so you won't have to worry about slipping and he is very balanced in both mode. The knees are a little awkward at times, though.

Over all, Transforms Animated Grimlock gets five stars out of five.

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