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Violator Review

Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 1
One of Al Simmons greatest enemies, Violator is a servant of Malebolgia, tasked with the guidance of new Hellspawn. Taking the disguise of The Clown, Violator only reveals his true form to wreak havoc and force the Hellspawn to drain his energies and be returned to the Underworld. Violator will make sure that Al Simmons is utterly destroyed and dragged by down to the Underworld. The eldest of the five Phlebiac Brothers, Violator is not one to be underestimated.

Part of the first wave of Spawn action figures released by McFarlane Toys, Violator is one of the tallest action figure in the line. Violator is very accurate to the comic art. The eyes are nice a insect-like and the jaw is just about the perfect length from his head. By moving the top horn on his head forward, the jaw while snap up in a biting like motion.

Almost his whole body is a wire frame, allowing for numerous poses that would be impossible with other figures. The fingers lack wires to they are permanently stuck in the clawing position. Violator is surprisingly balanced and, so long as the surface is smooth, can stand on most any surfaces. The upper body is much stiffer than the other parts of his body, though the thinner waist section can be bent slightly.

The sculpt is wonderfully hideous with bumps and boils covering his form. The arms and legs are properly emaciated in appearance. Two spurs grow out from his elbows in true McFarlane style. The teeth on his upper jaw are a little to big and lumpy and do not really look like teeth to me. The paint on the eyes is a little runny and detracts from some of the detail. The body could have used some extra shading.

Over all, Spawn Series One Violator gets four and a half stars out of five.

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