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Superman Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 2
Launched from the distant planet of Krypton, the young Kal-El escaped death moments before the ancient planet was blown apart by a terrific explosion! Kal-El landed on a Kansas roadside and was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who adopted the alien child and raised him as their own. Upon reaching adult hood, Clark Kent as he had been renamed, discovered he had many an incredible power thanks to the rays of the yellow star Earth orbited. Deciding to use his powers to help the world, he dawned a costume and became Superman!

Mattel, in its second wave of DC Super Hero action figures, releases a line based upon the first, and greatest, superhero. Superman is dressed in his regular costume, blue body suit, red cape, boots, and shorts, and a yellow belt. Superman's cape is very long, going down to the soles of his boots. This would not be so if not for the fact that the hip joints force Superman to be in a constant spread legged pose, in which case, it would come down to his ankles.

The cape is flexible but firm. It is held on via glue on the parts connecting with his shoulders and the peg that goes into his back. Be careful as if you mess with the cape to much, you might just tear the peg.

The S-Shield is nicely done but there was a scratch on mine, but this can be corrected with some paint of my own so no big worry. The belt, shorts and boots are all painted and done very well to. I think the feet are actually molded from red plastic, but I could be wrong. The connector on the left ankle is not on tight and is spread open somewhat, so I handle that one very carefully.

Superman lacks proper eyes and only has irises and no corneas. Or is at a retina? Ah whatever! The hair is painted black with heavy blue highlights. I would advise painting it a light coat of flat black is you don't like it. The neck joint is pretty loose so the head acts more like a bobble head doll. Most of the other joints are good and firm so no problems there.

This Superman came packaged with an issue of Superman from the late or mid 90's during the Superman Red and Superman Blue storyline and recounts the past decade of continuity before that issue.

Over all, Superman gets four and a half stars out of five.

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