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Spawn Review

Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 1
Betrayed and murdered by his former employer, CIA assassin Al Simmons made a deal with the powerful demon Malebolgia to return to Earth to see his wife one more time then serve in the armies of the Underworld as a lieutenant. Transported back to Earth, Al Simmons was granted a special suit made of Necroplasm that granted him incredible powers, but learned that he had in fact been returned to Earth five years after he was killed. Al, taking the name Spawn, now protects the innocent from the scum and filth of the city and all the while seeks his own redemption.

Depicting his first costume, the first wave of Spawn action figures by McFarlane delivers this in spades. The paint is smooth and clean with no bleeding or smearing. The sculpt is impeccable. The body is molded is black plastic and painted red, and white in the appropriate places.

The chains are made of soft rubber and can be hooked into his back and the skull belt buckle by small pegs which can tear very easily. A second, smaller chain goes from the corners of his cape around his neck, but they do not really help hold it on, that honor goes to the peg on the inside of the cape that attaches to his back. The cape is very large and made of hard plastic. Thanks to hinges, the cape can fold over Spawn like a shield or cloak.

Spawn has seven points of articulation. His knees are hinge joints while his hips, shoulders and neck are all swivel joints. His thighs could probably me modified to have swivel joints, but I shall leave that to a far more intrepid customizer than myself. He also comes with a board with a long, yellow nail going through it. This can be fitted into his right hand.

Over all, Spawn gets five stars out of five.

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