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Megatron with Leader 1 Review

Megatron with Leader 1
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Gigacon Assortment
Violent, ruthless, merciless, psychopath. Calm, calculating, brilliant, ambitious. All these describe the Decepticon leader so well, yet still fail to grasp his full mind and spark. Completely aware of his own madness, Megatron uses it to his advantage in his campaign to not only dominate the machine world of Cybertron, but the rest of the Universe as well and with the power of the Minicon's, Megatron may just succeed in his insane goals.

Megatron transforms into a Cybertronian tank equipped with the standard turret, and dual firing rear missile launchers. Fitting for his lust for the power of the Minicon's power, much of this is activated by the use of multiple Minicons. Placing a Minicon on the powerlinx port on the right side of the tank's turret and moving it along the trench will cause a dual missile launcher to pop out on the opposite side of the turret. Attaching a Minicon on the back of the turret and twisting it to the left will make the Decepticon leader exclaim "Decepticons attack!" followed by the sound of machine gun fire and light up the Decepticon symbol on the right front side of the turret. His right front tank tread has a flip out launch pad or Minicons with a powerlinx port that can be slid up and down its length. The left front tank tread has three flip out powerlinx port which are activated at the push of a button. On the back right side, there is a flip out Minicon ramp and claw weapon. There is also a Minicon storage hole in the rear left tread, but few Minicons are small enough to fit in it.

In his robot mode, Megatron has a powerlinx port on his left arm that when activated, makes a small knife pop out of his arm. The massive turret on his back can be swiveled around his waist and to his chest and all the weapons can be pointed forward with the addition of Minicon for his Full Blast Mode.

Leader-1 was once kind and peaceful, but after centuries of abuse by the Decepticon leader Megatron, Leader-1 has been twisted into a viscous sadist and plots to one day kill Megatron and take his rightful place as the supreme commander of the Decepticon forces. Leader-1 transforms into a Cybertronian buggy with top mounted laser cannons. He also has the ability to transform into a gun which can be held by Transformers with a five millie meter fist hole. Leader-1's transformation is essentially unfolding the guns on the top of his vehicle mode and flipping them into the back of his legs and standing him up.

Over all, Armada Megatron and Leader-1 get five stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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