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Powerlinx Cyclonus with Crumplezone Review

Powerlinx Cyclonus with Crumplezone
Transformers - Armada (Hasbro) - Supercon Assortment
To say that Cyclonus is slightly unhinged is to say the Atlantic is damp. His basic strategy for combat is to fly directly at the target and expel every single drop of ammo he has and hope the target is dead. His near insanity and recklessness make the other Decepticon's most wary of the Helicopter Robot, especially when he gets a couple of canisters of WD-40 in him.

A redeco of the first Armada Cyclonus toy, Powerlinx Cyclonus transforms into a Cybertronian helicopter with a pretty simple transformation sequance. First, push his head down into his upper body and flip the tail section up until it clicks and holds to the upper body. Collapse the arms into themselves and push them up so that they press against the wings. Fold the legs into themselves like the arms. Finally, push the legs up and unfold the cannons hidden in his legs so that they point forward from the front of the copter.

By attaching a Minicon to one of his missile launchers, the missile is automatically fired. A Minicon can also be attached to the underside of his cockpit, but this does not activate any special weapon or action feature gimmick. In robot mode, a Minicon can be attached to the powerlinx ports on the sides of his legs to make the lasers pop out of his shins.

Most of his body has been repainted lime green with his missiles, shins, arms, rotor, and thighs are brown. The head is still black with an orange face. The face sculpt is still pretty ugly.

Boredom once consumed Crumplezone's dull life. Day in, day out, it was the same thing over and over again. Until he met Cyclonus. Now Crumplezone is enthralled with his new, violent lifestyle!

Crumplezone transforms into a Cybertronian tank with a swiveling gun turret. He too is a repaint of the original Crumplezone toy released with the first Armada Cyclonus action figure recolored black and green. The transformation comes down to flipping out his legs from the back of his tank mode and standing him up. Attaching Crumplezone to the powerlinx port on Cyclonus underside and then spinning his rotor will cause Crumplezone's gun turret move back and forth.

Over all, Powerlinx Cyclonus and Crumplezone gets four and a half stars out of five.

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