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Total Justice (Kenner) - Series 1
Whao boy! I remember I got this guy way back when for Christmas in '96. Same year I also got the Green Lantern. Always wanted the Superman from the line. Anyway, I dug him out of the toy box a few days ago and even found a few pieces of his armor.

Total Justice Flash stands about five inches and has basic articulation with swivel joints at the shoulders, neck and hips. The body is molded in red plastic and the paint is nice and clean. The lightning bolt on his chest is a little scratched, but he is an old figure that has been lying in a toy box for some time now. The remnants of a glossy coat is still apparent.

The lightning bolts around his forearms are paint with a flat coat of yellow, the same for the intersecting bolts around his waist. I am not sure if the sharp, downward and intersecting streak was in use at the time or if it was ever seen in the comics. His boots are much different than those in the comics which have always, to my knowledge, been depicted as simple yellow boots with no buckles such as seen on the figure.

I'm not sure if the head is red plastic with the face painted white or if the head is white plastic with the mask painted red. The wings on the side of his head are sculpted on and lack detail, but that could just be a sign of ware on mine.

The body is extremely muscular, and seems somewhat over done, especially the neck muscles. Me thinks The Flash is on the juice. This would also explain the sour expression on his face.

The armor I was able to find is his arm guards and chest plate pieces. They aren't really much to talk about, just a couple of pieces of plastic that do not really do much of anything.

Over all, Total Justice Flash gets four and a half stars out of five.

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