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Green Lantern Review

Green Lantern
Total Justice (Kenner) - Series 1
I got this guy for Christmas back in '96 from my Grandparents, same with the Flash from the same line. I found him in a toy box a few days ago still in full armor! Of course the upper left clip was broken off on his chest plate and his arm weapon was snapped in half.

Well, Kyle stands at 4.6 inches tall with your basic articulation of swivel jointed neck, shoulders and hips. The body is molded in black or really dark green plastic, it is kind of hard to tell, with the chest painted silvery-white with Kyle's own modified Green Lantern emblem over his left breast. His boots and gauntlets are all painted green with the flesh unusually pale. This could be because of age and ware on my figure, but because I don't have a brand new one, I can't tell. The head is pretty good with a ferocious, angry expression like he is just going into combat. The mask is accurate to the comics and is painted a bright green. The hair is...well, hair-like.

Kyle's right arm is exteneded and clutched in a fist, showing off the last remaining Green Lantern Corps Power Ring. The ring is painted green and is very accurate to its appearance in the comics. His left hand is pulled back with the fingers spread open and palm up like he's just ripped out some smuhcks heart and is showing it to them.

The body, like the Flash, is very musculer. Some what ridiculessly so in fact. The neck, actually, I do not think he has a neck! It is just a rapid verticle accent from his body to his head. Was he perhaps partially sculpted by Rob Lefeld? I'm tempted to break out Mordo here people!

The armor is translucent green plastic with his symbol painted over the left breast of the chest piece. The weapon, which I think was a disk launcher before it broke, fits snugly over his right arm and the two leg pieces fit over the boots.

Over all, Total Justice Green Lantern gets four stars out of five. What on God's green Earth was with those neck muscles?!

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