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Commando Spawn Review

Commando Spawn
Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 2
Commando Spawn is loaded down with enough ammo to storm the gates of Heaven...or the Underworld as it would be. Commando Spawn comes with a rocket launcher, a shotgun like weapon, and a large knife. Commando Spawn's head gear can be flipped up or removed without damaging it to badly and the knife can be stored in a sheath on his boot.

The rocket launcher is made to attach to his right arm and clip on to the gray band wrapping vertiaclly around his shoulder so it can slide on it and be held by the peg in his hand. The shotgun can be held in either hand. The knife can be held in either hand.

The rocket launcher is spring loaded and can be fired by pushing a button on the back of the weapon and get a decent range from the projectile. The knife is made of hard plastic, but is not brittle so, kudos to McFarlane for that one. The shotgun is a little loose in his hands, but that could just be mine. Both the shotgun and the rocket launcher are painted gray and black and feel textured.

Commando Spawn has five points of articulation with swivel jointed neck, shoulders, and hips. All the joints are good and tight. The paint job is, as usual, near perfect. However, in this case, the boots are kind of blotchy.

Over all, Commando Spawn gets four and a half stars out of five.

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