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Superman (Deep Dive) Review

Superman (Deep Dive)
Superman - Animated Series (Kenner) - Series 1
I got this guy along with the quick change Superman and a hand held Star Wars video game with some birthday money I recived from my Grandparents, on my male parents side, and was able to dig this one up from the toy chest. Deep Dive Superman uses the same head sculpt as the other Superman action figures from this toy line, but a new body. Unlike the space suit action figure, Superman never used this suit in the Animated Series, but it is still pretty cool.

Deep Dive Superman is five and three quaters of an inch tall and has six points of articulation with swivel jointed shoulders, hips, waist and neck. The suit is painted to look like a high tech wet suit of sorts.

An air tank fits over his back and is attached by very stretch clear yellow rubber with the S-Shield painted on it which is supposed to line up with the normal one painted on his suit, but it is not really great at it.

A tube goes from the bottom of the tank to one of the cannons. Pumping the yellow piece ontop of the tank will cause the missile to fire. The other cannon holds a second missile to replace the first one. The cannons attach to his wrists and can be swiveled into diffrent angles.

A clear yellow helmet, attached to a blue-green mouth piece that can be placed over his head and fit tightly.

Over all, Deep Dive Superman gets four and a half stars out of five.

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