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Sinestro Review

Green Lantern (DC Direct) - Series 3
Considered by many to be the greatest Green Lantern of all,Sinestro of Korugar employed fear and tyrrany to maintain order in sector 1417.Betrayed by his brother in light Hal Jordan and branded a threat to the Corps, the Guardians of the Universe banished him to the anti-matter world of Qward.Years later on his new found home he created the Sinestro Corps, their mission, to iflict fear and bring order to the universe.

Big suprise that I would review this one huh? Well it definitely deserved one.This Sinestro is way up on the list of my favorite DC Direct figures.

Ok lets start on the sculpt. A top-notch job in transferring Ethan Van Sciver's art to a 3-dimensional figure. The colors are smooth and vivid.I love how they got the white trim around the collar. And how they make the yellow so perfect I'll never know.The piping on the chest piece is pretty sweet. The insignia is spot on, even the tiny one on his left arm.

The likeness is superb. They really captured his cocky/scournful look in this one. As well as giving him a more ripped physique as opposed to the previous figures in the series. They even went as far as to paint stubble on the back of his head.

The yellow lantern is pretty much a repaint of the other batteries from series one and two. Nothing new there.

The addition of Despotellis as a pack-in was an interesting choice.

Also the standard DC Direct articulation on this one clocking in at 11 P.O.A.. The figure stands up pretty well with the base, without it and you've got a galactic terrorist on your floor.

Speaking of the base, my main criticism would be to put the Sinestro Corps logo on the base( I know it's not their figure series) instead of the GL one. But with a little patience it could be customized so that's not a big deal.

Overall I give this one 4.75 stars and am looking forward to future figures in this series.

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