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Sinestro (Blue / Black Suit) Review

Sinestro (Blue / Black Suit)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 3
Sinestro!... lame. And now to elaborate.

Sins stands 6-inches tall. Yes, he's 6-inches, not 5, but 6-inches. So why are so many people complaining? What I think happened here is that the 4 Horsemen didn't know how to handle Sinestro's large forehead. It looks like they were supposed to make a normal slim body with a large forehead, but instead they shortened the body because of his large forehead. No guys, that's wrong, his body isn't supposed to change height, all you had to do was make a figure with a large head, that's it, no other alterations necessary, and everyone goes home happy. This figure does a good job of balancing thin and muscular, but he's too small. It's unacceptable. You'll hear that word a lot more in the rest of my reviews of this series's figures.

Anyway, assuming Sinestro were properly in-scale, this figure ain't a bad representation at all of classic Ol' Thin-stache. The pink/reddish skin is shaded nicely, it's not blotchy or noticeably flawed. The black areas are black plastic so paint won't chip in those areas, all other areas are painted, the manacles are metallic-blue while the rest is matte-blue. His eyes are yellow, which is cool, I wish the Parallax version had the black eyes with yellow pupils in the comics. All the little details on the suit are sculpted, no cheap paint-on detail. The collar is a separate piece glued-on, and it's crooked on my figure, but it looks good in promo-pics at least, hah. The ring is just a little bump on the finger, just like the old Quardian Ring looked on the comics. I wish the variant Sinestro had a nicely-sculpted Parallax-ring like in the comics too, but oh well.

Articulation is all there, the head won't face up though, it's just the sculpt, it can't be helped without making the back of the figure's head look bad. Sinestro rarely looks UP at people though, he's usually dive-bombing them or pelting them with death-rays, so it's no big deal :P MAJOR PROBLEM: All the figures in this series, or at least all the ones in the box I got straight from Mattel, are made of wonky plastic. It's ridiculous, they feel so rubbery and they're limp too. Sinestro is hit extra hard because of his thin limbs, he has a shaky stance like the old Marvel Legends Mystique, awful. I'm afraid the joints are going to tear anytime they get a little bit stuck. The quality control stinks for this series too, read the other reviews.

The Yellow Lantern is pretty cool, I hate the sour-apple effect they have though. Seriously, Hal's lantern especially, they look like sour gummy-bears! I'd rather have them made like the DC Direct lanterns, slick shiny green plastic without those weird silver speckles.

So yeah, I give this a 3 out of 5, which is sad for a DCUC fig :[ The head/hands/belt can be salvaged and used on another body though if you know what you're doing. Then you can use the rest of Sin's body to make a cool taller Robin, they have pretty much the same body-style, Sin's is just elongated a little.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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