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Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Review

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 3
Hal is pretty much what we were all expecting, it's such a simple character-design that there's no way to mess it up.

Hal stands about 6.25 inches tall, no complaints there since almost all the male-figures of this line are the same size. Of course, I could complain that they are all the same size and should vary...but no, I'm not feeling that pricky tonight :] I think the jaw is a little too wide, but not enough to make me rage uncontrollably, this figure is a welcome addition to any DC collection. This looks like the Hal I saw in the 90's, I wish they had a "disheveled variant" with the messy hair and stubble, that'd be the bee's knees for sure. Wonder what suit they'll give Jon Stewart if they make him? Please not that ugly old suit from Mosaic! It looks like the body is made of green plastic so you don't have to worry about paint chipping at the shoulders, ankles, or hips! The black areas have a matte finish that helps accentuate the green. The gloves are white plastic so paint won't rub-off, the GL symbol on the chest is just like the old basic one. The ring is actually very carefully sculpted, it's a neat little copy of Hal's ring, too bad it's sloppily-painted. The rest of the figure is decently-painted, the hair is especially nice, the dry-brushing is almost perfect. Hal has a determined look on his face, it suits him well. The Lantern is included, it's not metallic, it's just green plastic with flecks of silver...pretty cheesy-looking, lol...

Quality-control is super-sucky for this wave of figures, I heard Mattel was using a different factory or something, awful choice. My figure has a HUGE stab-wound on the left shoulder, the area above the right knee isn't even painted, the ring is painted crookedly, the joints are loose, anyway, the point is, yuk. I got two in the case I ordered (that's the distribution I guess), the other doesn't have horrible scars like the one I opened, but the paint-job is worse on it, there's just no winning! Even my Robin had some serious damage! :[

All articulation is there, no fear of paint-rub on this figure! Maybe at the elbows if you're extremely violent, hah. There are holes in the bottom of the feet and the hole in the back is covered with a crooked piece of glued plastic. It looks ugly, it's sharp and rough at the edges too...

Something has to change! There's no way these many flaws are acceptable, especially not now that the prices for these figures is going up.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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