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Solomon Grundy Review

Solomon Grundy
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 3
I'm surprised how well Grundy translated into a more realistic-looking figure. The proportions of the body are a little grotesque and they work perfectly, blending the cartoony with the real. More importantly, it doesn't just look like a Hulk figure in a suit, it is an original model, this figure stands alone.

Grundy is laughably huge. Almost 9.5 inches, what in all the hells has he been eating that made him so gigantic!? Many thanks to the 4 Horsemen for delivering epic figures like this but 10 inches!? I've never seen Grundy this big! He's only supposed to be like 8 feet tall, this is just crazy. He is noticeably out of scale like the SDCC Lobo figure, I'll never understand why the head cheeses make these kind of decisions. Of course, he really may be that huge in the comics, I liked the animated version a lot more, so that's my definitive Grundy. But you aren't here to read what I think...oh wait, you ARE, ha ha! Suckers!

Sculpt is always amazing, all expected details are there, even the little buttons on the shirt are carefully made. I like the face, it's creepy and cool, almost looks like he's a genius and is only pretending to be stupid. The pale-black (lol) suit is tattered and mud-spattered and the boots are battered. The shirt is pale-green but only the buttons are painted, the pale-grey skin is painted. Pale spelled backwards is "Elap". Both hands are fists and the pants don't have pockets. Anyone ever question why Grundy is wearing a business suit but is wearing boots? Was that his style when he was normal? I like it :]

I don't like commenting on the tightness of the joints on these build-a-figure type toys, they're all going to vary. Mine has all tight joints except the head, it's very loose, should stick some bubble gum in there to stiffen it up. All standard articulation is there, amazingly. The midsection doesn't move much though, it's kinda stuck in one position and springs back to it if you try to move the upper-body.

Nightwing has Grundy's main body piece, the other figures have arms and legs included. You'd think they would package the body with Robin or Sinestro to make-up for the small figure...maybe they thought Nightwing would sell less? Grundy is a great figure, the casual collector won't care about the scale-issue.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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