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Robin Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 3
darn, seems like fan-opinions are split right down the middle on this figure. Too short! Just right! Body looks too old! Face looks too young! Gah! I liked the size, I'm used to the little kid I saw in the old Batman cartoons, and he looks like 16 or 17 when displayed on it's own. But then I stood Robin next to my DC Direct Supergirl (white/blue costume from the Superman line), the figure by which I measure all other figures' quality :P and he really does look very small. I mean, Supergirl is like 18 or 21, and she's pretty much towering over Robin, making him look like 12. Meh. It doesn't bug me enough to make a custom with his parts, I'll just have to do some strategic posing and displays...

Robin is a spunky 5.35 inches, up to you whether that's good or bad. This is the cleanest-looking figure out of my bunch, every detail is crisp, even the little buckles on the shirt and the pouches on the belt are detailed. The cape is flexible enough not to hinder movement too much, it's painted yellow inside and black on the outside, it's also detailed with seams and grooves. Robin's hair is stylishly messy, just thought you'd want to know. The hands of these figures are now very flexible so they can hold things a lot easier. I like them, just be careful not to tear the fingers off. Robin's staff-thing is lame, SUPER-LAME. It's not detailed at all, it's just a fat bent lolli-pop stick with two little dots near the center. Find something better to use.

I think it's hilarious that though he's got very thin joints, they are WAY sturdier than the joints of the larger figures, which is great because I can pose him however I want, but WTF happened to the rest of the figures? Horrible, horrible QC and scale-issues on this line. Also, you won't believe it, it looks like someone was using a drill or dremel around this figure and it slipped and scarred a part of the black underwear. This is UNACCEPTABLE! What the hell is going on at those factories now? Did the monkey get loose again? RAWR! I know those workers may be doing slave labor and have it rough, but geez, most of the figures I got from this series have clearly-visible physical flaws, LIKE STAB-HOLES IN HAL'S SHOULDER. Take-out your bludgeoning-frustrations on your slave-driving bosses folks, not on the kids who just want a cool toy. :]

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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