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Oil Slick Review

Oil Slick
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
This thing looks like a cross between Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Brainiac, a ninja, and Satan thrown-in for good measure, obviously this is an instant must buy because you will never see something this cool ever again. This figure looks poisonous, it's like those creepy little frogs in neon colors that dare you to touch them, you know you'll die but you just can't resist! Apparently Oil Slick is a top-notch mechanic and chemist, and trained in "Circuit-Su" with Prowl. CIRCUIT-SU! AWESOME! He makes a kind of fear-toxin that brings-out the greatest fears in robots...okay, lol, it's also a powerful acid that dissolves vital components, so I guess you can throw Scarecrow into that list I gave, also Cacturne, look it up, it's creepy as hell. So anyway, this TF looks cool in either mode.

Oil Slick is slightly over 6 spiky inches tall in robot mode. These new Animated TFs are pretty neat, I don't watch the show so I have nothing to compare the figure to, but it looks cool on display. Like I said, it blends lots of different elements I like, this is the first purchase I've made of a Hasbro product that hasn't made me want to hack it up in a long time. The only thing I'd change about this fig is that I'd add more clear-green pieces like the helmet to make it look more toxic. I don't know what clear-pieces have to do with poison but that's the bottom line! More clear pieces! The figure's design is a balanced blend of detail and animation, more on the cartoony side to look like the TV show obviously. The graphics on the body are sweet, if you've ever played The World Ends With You, you'll find them very familiar and only add to Oil Slick's Decepticonniness. Why does he have a Ram's Head for decoration? Who cares, it's badass! The two barrels are removeable, one of them unravels with a chain inside, the chain is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the cool black one on the package, so prepare to be disappointed. I'm not even sure how it's supposed to be used, maybe if you watch the show you'll figure it out. The other barrel has one end that flips open, I guess that's the one that splashes the fear-acid on Autobots, both barrels can connect to the clawed-hands. It would have been super-awesome if they had included a clear-green "acid effect" to plug into the barrel to simulate acid-splash. Oh well, what do I know about what people want.

Oil Slick is slim and very poseable, I love the hip-joints, they work very well for these smaller characters because they don't take-up space and add a ton of movement, the Movie Landmine has similar hips, very nice. Most of the joints are well-hidden and incorporated into the figure's design. The shoulders look complicated but they add a lot of movement. I like the head-movement, it turns side-to-side and up and down independently, meaning there is no ugly ball-joint, making a more natural overall design. There's no waist-swivel, but there's no real way to add it without compromising the figure's structural integrity (it would snap like a twig).

Overall, wow, this is great TF, this line is definitely bound to please the younger fans. In bike-mode, I think you could have a GI-Joe-sized figure ride Oil Slick, I'd try it out but, well, I don't like Joes. *raises shields to maximum*

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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