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Spider-Man (Super-Strength) Review

Spider-Man (Super-Strength)
Amazing Spider-Man (Toy Biz)
For a long while, I mostly avoided the now defunct Amazing Spider-Man toyline due to the packaging which really turned me off to them. Eventually, I broke down and bought the Super-Strenght Spider-Man and was suprisingly happy with the over all figure.

The toy stands at about six inches and has twenty-one points of articulation. Typical of most Spider-Men action figures, his middle and forefingers are hinged to allow you to make the web-shooting gesture. The wrists, ankles, toes, and abs are all hinges. The head, shoulders, and hips are all swivel hinges. Waist, forearms, and calves are plain swivels. The knees and elbows are double hinges. All the joints are tight, but not restricting. The joints seem to be made of softer plastic, so be gentle with it when possing or in play as not to tear it.

Most of the toy is cast from very dark blue plastic painted red while the head, forearms, hands and lower legs are made from red plastic. The web pattern is clean and no visible breaks are present. The paint on the back spider symbol is very shoddy and needs some work done on it, but this will probably vary from figure to figure.

The sculpt is fairly good and depicts him as a slim, but well developed hero. However, the neck muscles are a little overly done, making the head rest high up on the neck and the head itself may be to small for the body, but this may just be an optical illusion created by the smaller eye-holes ala early Steve Dikto.

Super-Strenght Spider-Man came with a base that you must assemble yourself. The process is simple and ends with him attached to it with his arms under two pieces of machine rubble. Depressing two levers on the back make them rise like Spidey is pushing them upward.

Over all, Super-Strenght Spider-Man gets four stars out of five.

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User Comments
HeartBreakCustoms - Wednesday, September 24, 2008
yeah you herd that too i really like this spidy
Lord_Khan - Tuesday, September 23, 2008
If you still have the package, can you check if it says anything about who sculpted it?
I have this figure and someone on the Fwoosh said it was sculpted by the Four Horsemen, so I was wondering if it was true or not, since I threw away the packaging before they posted it. Although I''m not sure if it would even say or not.

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